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Activa Cleaning provides services for bond back cleaning Melbournevacate cleaning & end of lease cleaning Melbourne at competitive rates.

Leave you’re rental cleaner than when you moved into it with Activa.

End of lease clean can be a stressful time. Between trying to find a new place, packing up your stuff, organizing the logistics of the move, and dodging inspections are all challenging enough, then add on the floor to ceiling cleaning and you have the recipe for a perfect storm.

That’s why our team is here to take the weight off and look after things for you.

We offer complete services. If you’re looking for any of the following services, get in touch:

Best End of Lease Cleaning Melbourne

We are an established Melbourne contractor with many years of experience in vacate cleaning for houses at the conclusion of a lease. We recognize the importance of this cleaning service and so rise to the occasion with a service that is both thorough and efficient. Regardless of whether you’re a couple in a studio apartment, university students in a sprawling Melbourne share house, or a family consisting of four-legged friends, we have the cleaning expertise to make sure you get your bond back. We have a range of expertise, including commercial office and hospitality cleaning, which gives us broad experience in the industry. This enables us to provide solutions for virtually every situation, ensuring you impress your landlord and get your bond money back.

Activa Cleaning can help take the stress out of moving with our dedicated end of lease cleaning Melbourne services.

Hire Our End of Lease Cleaning Service

Moving to a new house is stressful enough, and cleaning up your old home before leaving doesn’t make things any easier. If you don’t deep clean your rental property before moving out, you risk losing some or all your bond money. Since this bond amounts to one month’s rent, you want to make sure you get your money back.

At Activa Cleaning Melbourne, we put in a little elbow grease to get your rental house clean and tidy. We offer you an entire suite of services that you can use for your exit cleaning needs. Spare yourself the trouble and let our highly efficient and trained cleaners do the job for you.

End of Lease, MOVE OUT Cleaning Melbourne to Get Your Bond Back

We provide an End of lease cleaning Melbourne
that is wholly inclusive of your living spaces. Our professionals will
meticulously clean and restore order to your rental, to such a standard
that not even your eagle-eyed landlord could find fault with. It is
often stipulated in the lease agreement that tenants have the property
professionally cleaned when they vacate the premises and we will ensure
you have met all your cleaning obligations.

Our end of lease cleaning services include:

  • Both oven and stove will be cleaned inside and out
  • All cupboards will be thoroughly cleaned (including inside)
  • Kitchen floors will be vacuumed and mopped


  • Toilet
  • Show screen and base
  • Mirrors polished
  • Bath
  • Floors

Living Areas

  • Walls wiped free of marks
  • Full steam clean of carpets upon request
  • Vacuum and mopping all floors, stairs, and hallways
  • Skirting boards dusted and wiped
  • Inside windows washed
  • Doors cleaned
  • Window sills wiped

We can customize our services to suit you and your property. This makes the full scope of our expertise available to you. It is often more cost-effective to use the services of a professional you trust to take care of any issues that might cost you a portion on your bond, rather than trust a property management company or a landlord to negotiate the best deal. We can even help with a range of issues, such as flood damage or performing a strip and seal on vinyl flooring to cover minor cosmetic problems and make the floor look like new.

Find out more about or services and End of Lease and Vacate Cleaning Melbourne, get in touch.

For more information on the bond back cleaning Melbourne we have available for rentals throughout Melbourne, please don’t hesitate to contact us. We will be happy to discuss your requirements and tailor a package to suit your needs. Our team takes pride in the high standards we set, ensuring that people have the best possible chance of getting their security deposit back when their lease expires.

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I had 2 cleaners from this company who came to my home and did the most outstanding cleaning job. I did not have to tell them what to do as they did it plus more. They were polite and could not do enough to help me. Very very happy and can highly recommend Activa Cleaning. Regards, Vicki

Vicki Hartley

I hired team Activa Cleaning to clean my house & my office last month. I am fully satisfied with their professionalism. The way of working activa cleaning team is quick and effective. Thanku so much.

Andrew Mirmelli


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