Flood Damage Restoration Melbourne

Whether dealing with broken water fixtures, the after effects of fire or the results of any other emergency in your home, you can count on Activa Cleaning for comprehensive flood damage restoration. We’ll work with your insurance carrier to restore normalcy and order to your property within a very nominal amount of time. We’ve got all of the tools and equipment for eliminating moisture, preserving structural features and helping you salvage more of your damaged items.

How Flood Damage Can Impact Your Home Investment

Flood damage does far more than simply introducing excess moisture to the building structure and the interior living environment. Flood events significantly increase the likelihood of mould and mildew development and the development of strong, pervasive odours. Standing bodies of water are also electrical hazards and they are often filled with harmful contaminants and microorganisms. Using our flood damage restoration services is a great way to protect resident health and the overall value and integrity of your home investment. We’ll provide a quick response to ensure that property damages are minimised and that building residents do not suffer a decline in health as the result of these events.

How We Deal With Flood Damage

We use state-of-the-art extraction equipment to clear homes of standing water after flood events have occurred. Our restoration experts also use blowers, heaters and fans to dry all building materials out. We can restore a broad range of damaged contents to their former condition as well and will also address structural features that have been compromised. Our experience in this industry has shown us that taking fast action when problems like these arise is vital for limiting their impact. That’s why we always issue rapid responses to all service requests.
We supply a complete range of flood damage restoration services, including contents restoration, structural repairs, the removal of damaged flooring and other structural elements and comprehensive cleaning, disinfecting and deodorising services. Our goal is to restore the usability and appeal of properties as quickly as possible. With our help, you can move past a flood event and get on with your life.

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