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We provide the cheap & best carpet cleaning Melbourne, house carpet & carpet stem cleaning services at affordable rates. Ensure your home looks its best with dedicated services from Activa. Although regular vacuuming and spot cleaning are effective ways of maintaining your carpet on a day to day basis, an annual steam cleaning service plays an important role in your carpet’s overall health and appearance. Activa offer a dedicated carpet steam cleaning service to both domestic and commercial residences throughout Melbourne.

Regular carpet steam cleaning can prolong the life of your flooring

Over time, your flooring collects all kinds of unhygienic dirt and particles in its fibres. The average household carpet contains traces of soil, sand, plants, food, dander and faeces. These particles are a potential health hazard, damage your floor, and give it a dull, shabby appearance. Although regular vacuuming can remove some of this debris, as it gets walked down into the fibres over time the suction of the vacuum becomes ineffective. A steam clean is ideal for removing this kind of ingrained dirt as it gets right down to the roots of the carpet, and lifts away grime without doing any damage to the fibres.

Cheap steam carpet cleaning for Melbourne houses

As an established Melbourne house carpet cleaning contractor, we have cultivated a reputation for offering quality cleaning services at comparatively cheap prices. We are wholly dedicated to providing our clientele with the best value for money when it comes to carpet maintenance, and for that reason we offer a price guarantee of 15% less than a competitor’s quote. With our team of seasoned cleaning professions, we guarantee a job that will leave your Melbourne home looking pristine.

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For more information on our house steam cleaning services available throughout Melbourne, please don’t hesitate to contact us. Our carpet steaming services can also be incorporated as part of our end of lease services for rental properties throughout Melbourne. Get true value for money with Activa.

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